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Life on mars (US)

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Life on mars (US)

Post  Major.Roboto on Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:55 am

Before you tell me there is a song, I know that

Im talking about the tv show ABC had adapted for american aduincese and make it perfect

its about a guy named sam he gets hit by a car in the year 2008 and some how goes back to the year 1973.

He has to figure out why he is there.

the first epsode shows a very power full sceen, a recration of the twin towers, before the faitl day in '01 it was kind of breath taking,

Sam is a cop in both time lines, he makes frends with typical rought older cop, a sexises 70s cop, a young cop that just started and a Nice looking woman cop, seeing how every one grows by the end is wonders,

The end is a big twist that I loved alot,

Im going to say the UK verson of the end

Sam goes back to 2008 during a big shootout, and then wakes up from what is a parent a comma, he goes back to work like normal on that same day he is in a meeting and thinks in deep though for a little bit, then he gets out of his metting, and then goes to the roof, ...... he starts running, and kills him self, and some how lands back in 1973 and life goes on for him for a few more years till a car crash once again...

UK just jumped the gun there where the US version made it more epic the ending,
lets just say sam never existed in 2008 nor 1973, but he did exist at a drifrent time,

I say you should check it out, I can not give this show as much credit as its worth,

the show has some great music in it and I was saddedn one of the glam bands was a fake as there was a good song from them called "the last planet I kissed"
any ways Im beat... so GOOD NIGHT

check the show out its 17 epsodes each at 40-50 mins.


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