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Something I was thinking about in terms of Final Fantasy...

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Something I was thinking about in terms of Final Fantasy...

Post  Kroniedon on Thu Oct 06, 2011 10:21 am

So, I've been away playing alot of final fantasy lately while awaiting the chance to actually do more work on the server (right now I'm at a standstill and all we can do is wait), but anyways, something that's been argued to death is whether or not the FF games take place on the same planets or not, and I'd just like to discuss it and see what you all think, for those of you familiar with the series.

**Spoiler Alert in this Entire Thesis**

So, my rationale is that there are 2 planets to the FF series, the tricky part is finding what game takes place where, so I'll just use a example are some that I'm highly speculating on (I can't say any of this is fact quite yet).


The connection-
Several FF7 Cameos (granted there's several from other FF titles too)

The backstory:

In FF7, it's told that the Cetra, or the Ancients, were planetary nomads, using whatever planet they were on as a vessel until it died, in which they found a new planet and sapped it of its resources, and so forth.

In FF9, Terra is collapsing, so Garland merges it with Gaia so that they can facilitate Gaia's life crystal.

These 2 sound familiar? I'd like to think so anyways. I don't think that Garland nor his people are of Cetra decent however. I think they are of the Jenova species from FF7. Ever notice how Kuja has a strong resemblance towards Sephiroth or at least one of Sephiroth's Remnents?

And the Life crystal in ff9.. it operates by using souls. When something dies, their soul returns to the crystal to be reborn. Is this so different from how the life stream works in FF7? What was that huge materia piece that Sephiroth was inside of at the end, if not the FF7 worlds soul crystal.

Anyways, there's more, but I'll wait on it later. I'm interested in your thoughts and theories on this.

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Re: Something I was thinking about in terms of Final Fantasy...

Post  PokeLinkEB on Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:02 am

Oop's i totally forgot to go & get me the FF saga. I only have a majority of the FFCC games, still missing the classics.

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Re: Something I was thinking about in terms of Final Fantasy...

Post  legit nyck on Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:37 pm

lol final fantasy

I finished FF7 more than 5 times
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but there's one thing I never could
in none of the endings that did in FF7 every Enemy Skill's
got almost everything but lacked a star
one day I will play again only to achieve this Done  Cool 
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Re: Something I was thinking about in terms of Final Fantasy...

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