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How to Conect to L33tServ Text Tutorial

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How to Conect to L33tServ Text Tutorial

Post  Major.Roboto on Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:47 am

This is the guide to connect to L33t Serv
PSO non plus and PSO plus both work just fine!
So lets get going!

Step 1 - Before the real Show
Make sure your nintendo game cube is connected to your router. There are other ways but this guide will assume your using a router or a wireless extender or bridge. I personally use a Airport Express to bring my network to my gamecube.

Step 2 - The obvious steps
Turn on your nintendo game cube
Turn on your TV
Note: If your router has a strange colour light where you gamecube is conected ignore it. This is because the gamecube only can use 10megabits per second where normal computers and other game systems are 100megabits per-second

Step 3 - Getting to the Network Setup Menu
When PSO loads go to the options menu
Go to the Network option menu
Go to The Network Providers menu

Note: If you get a error saying "No network adaptor found" Well did you plug it in? Also you can not connect from the wii. This is because when the Wii is in Gamecube mode the wireless system is disconnected as well as the USB system and the SD card and PSO has no clue how to talk to the systems its self. There has been no fix for this and Nintendo will not plan on any. Lets just hope PSO goes to the WII U Shop Channel!
(Update: The Wii is capable of Online play through use of the Devolution homebrew app.)

Step 4 - Chose your Fate….Well ISP……
Click ISP you want (there are two choices)
Click Edit Connection

Step 5 - The Name Game
Name the ISP Put [L33tServPSO]
Note: This does not matter but do it for the sake of it. plus it you know what server it is!

Step 6 - Connection Settings
Note We recommend using the LAN adaptor to connect to the server.

Lan Setup page
Connection Settings: "Use Automatic obtain an IP"
Line Time Out: Do not Auto disconnect

Dial up Page 1
Country: (Well this is a hard one for me to tell you)
How to dial: Tone
Outside line: "Leave blank unless you use something like 9 before calling
Line timeout: Put this to 99

Dialup Page 2

User ID: Your dialup User name
Password: Your Password
Phone number 1: Your Dialup Number
Phone number 2: Second Dialup number (Will be dialed as a backup) (Not Needed)
Phone number 3: Third Dialup number (Will be dialed as a backup) (Not Needed)

If you live in canada and need cheap dial up use http://www.295.ca/
If you live in the states there are free dialup's at http://www.fastfreedialup.com/ (they have no user names or passwords)
I am unable to test to see if they will work with pso, I assume they will.

Step 7 DNS
DNS Server Address :Manual
DNS 1 [] - (Do not put the brackets its just there to be there)
DNS2 [Leave blank]
DCHP Hostname : NOT SET!
Note: This is where the cube knows who to connect to!

Step 8 - Proxy Port stuff
Leave this page alone. There is nothing you need to do here.

Step 9 - Finished!
You have finished the setting. So click save

Step 10 - Save Completed
Click back and then return to Game.
There is no hunters license required!
We will always be free to play!
Now go online and enjoy the game!

Last edited by Kroniedon on Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:07 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Fixed a typo in step 7. Thanks tueidj for pointing that out! :D)


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