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The New Banner

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The New Banner

Post  Kroniedon on Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:58 am

As some of you may have noticed by now, L33tserv PSO has a new banner, our traditional Rebel Rappy, and the banner of the PSO United Forces. Before anyone freaks out or wonders if we've merged, the answer is no. L33tserv PSO, and our allies, Extreme Legits, have founded a union.

Several here know that one of my long term goals was to unite the smaller servers in the PSO community into a group that could rival Schtserv, the largest PSO community. After becoming partners with Extreme Legits, I could sense that while our cultures may be different, and so to our languages, our communities are very similar. I felt it was finally time to put this plan into effect. I talked it over with Legit Nyck, who warmly welcomed it. I talked to Kireek and he made this excellent emblem for PSO United Forces, then I set up the web area today. Now here we are to the unveiling of the PSO United Forces. The PSO United Forces basically serves as a higher government, kinda like the United Nations, or you could even compare it to what the U.S. Federal Government was supposed to be... though now it's strayed so far off track..

We will continue operating independently. I still make all the rules around here, I still control everything within the L33tserv PSO realm; However, we also answer to the PSO United Forces.

The way this works is, 2 delegates + the admin of the member server are representatives at the PSO United Forces. Currently this means there are 6 representatives present at in the PSO United Forces (Myself and 2 others from L33t + Legit Nyck and 2 others from Extreme Legits). If another Server community joins our union, then that community will send their admin and 2 others as representatives and so on.

From there the representatives will discuss important issues, and find ways to fix said issues. We'll also propose and vote on PSO United Forces rules, sanctions and policies. For example (This has not happened, this is just an example); if a delegate proposed that we have a global ban policy, meaning that if someone were perma banned in one of the PSO United Forces communities they'd be perma banned in all of them, and if enough delegates voted "aye" for it to pass; if it passed, then if I perma banned someone here, then all the community's would have to perma ban whoever I perma banned and vice versa. If one of the member communities perma banned someone in their community, then I would have to perma ban them here. Again though, this is just an example as no policies or anything have been set yet.

The general community can also voice it's concerns and opinions so that the Representatives may review them and take them into consideration when proposing new policies and such. The community also has access to see the proposals and representative discussions, however, this is read only access and the general community cannot post here.

In times of crisis or need, we will always be at our brothers and sisters of the unions aid.

I think this just about sums everything up. I'll be making a button for quick access to the PSO United Forces forums (they serve as our government building) in the nav bar at some point. Until then, here's a link: PSO United Forces Forums

I am a Kentuckian, and it may be a bit cliche for me to be quoting my State's motto, but this is one time I strongly agree with it. United we stand, divided we fall.


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Re: The New Banner

Post  PokeLinkEB on Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:32 pm

Well then, i say you start production immediately on those lobby chairs i've been wanting. I would like one of each section ID & a nice chrome one that reflects the others colors nicely.

I expect it to take no less than a year, good luck.

Why don't you edit the lobby chairs?)

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Re: The New Banner

Post  legit nyck on Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:54 pm

I believe that all the words have been said here already XD
some people here already know me for a long time
others never even read my name somewhere hahaha
I'll make a good presentation basic
the server legits was created on 21/04/2010
But it was only open a server for some members legits the team in PSOBB
over time we learned how it worked the server and finally decided to put it
as a server open to all yes we have many obstacles still
I will not deny and I will not say here the server legits
has an absurd number of players if I would have accepted the terms
ridiculous some of my compatriots but this is an irrelevant question
XD good all what I can say is that the server is always legits
updating something to one day have a server complete
I am very happy with this new era both for legits As for L33t
I'll be here ready to help in whatever is needed,
Some people may think that I do not knew that server
but I already visited that page awhile XD
I am very honored to be part of this server not only improvements in materials
but also in making new friendships discuss about various things
Hmm that's good extreme legits and this always stand up for this server ^^
believe the time is coming schtserv die and we, at least I can say
I will be present at their burial hahahaha

My motto comes from a very old movie hehe
(Backward never! Never Surrender.)
that's what always made ​​legits
that's what always made ​​L33t
and that's what we always do Very Happy
legit nyck

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Re: The New Banner

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