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Codes Jumping To Lobbyes

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Codes Jumping To Lobbyes

Post  legit nyck on Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:13 pm

Hi friends
I would like to ask if anyone here does idea of how to make the code or where
get this code to make the players of the psobb game cube are with players of psobb pc
as you well know scht has this system players psopc and psobbgc
in the lobbys psobb........This and my question ideas?

here an old topic started by me in ragezone developments

Re: Sodaboy's PSO Server (SPSOS "Tethealla" )

attention to turn over a ship
need only have three ships in a single server
all you need to open three ship is .....
changing the number of ship main port
example: ship one numeber 5284
ship two number 5578
ship tree number 5555
done that you can change ships within your server
Each ship should have put all the folders that the images
So you can put quests or even change the event of only one ship without interfering with other
it is not hard just follow the example above


Quote Originally Posted by Da_GPer View Post
That is something unique to Schthack's server. We dont have that ability and Crono (Owner of the Schthack Server) wont give out that kind of info either. Sorry

and this

Its actually quite easy actually. All you need to do is when the player connects, you send the join lobby packet with the info to each client. Now if the psov2 client joins, you would send the psobb packet to the psobb client.

Basically in the simplest terms, you would be translating the packets so both clients can understand each other.

message by Raven0123

but I not understand this last message lol Sad

original topic in

legit nyck

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Re: Codes Jumping To Lobbyes

Post  Kroniedon on Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:22 pm

So that's what that guy was talking about. xD. I'll PM you about it. Very Happy

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