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    Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:53 pm
    Message by Captain N - Re: server pso
    darwin777 wrote:Can you show me like run pso server?

    I basically use the same software that Leet serve uses. the Fuzz server. there is not much to setup for the basic setup. it comes with the basic sega quests packs. you just have to enter your pc's lan (normally something like ip address in for the dns server in the pso game. If you have pso plus then you have to do more to setup
    Pso plus was patched to prevent connecting to LAN ips. you have to use your external Ip address that your router gets from your internet service provider. you then have to open ports in the oruter to the pc that is running the server for your game to connect.
    Basically you connecting to your own server will be like someone else connecting.

    Nonplus is simple because it allows you to use internal LAN Ip addresses and you can stay on your internal network.
    Also depending on how your router is setup your pc IP proably changes as its assigned from the router dynamically. My server is on a static ip that does not change. You dont need a static ip, but it makes it eaiser. Your external IP also most likely dynamic also. you will have to check your external IP everytime if you need it because of pso plus.
    If you dont have controll over your router then you better hope you have non plus lol

    oh and my server ip is
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