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I've a new hobby (maybe)

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I've a new hobby (maybe)

Post  PokeLinkEB on Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:21 pm

Been reading & listening to rants lately, mostly just games in general & lots of microsoft & sony rants. Not by choice, that's just what pops up mostly when i searched for gaming rants. There's not a whole lot of people pissed at Nintendo other than "they have no hardcore game" generic rants. But i don't ever remember any one from any company saying "we will make the most bloody sinfully good games you can imagine & then we will rape babies, that's all for now, good day everyone we will see you later in the inner most circle of hell". IMO i just don't see what makes "violent & action" games so good, maybe some people get a rush out of it sure, like one of my my friends plays Asuras Wrath, God of War or even Smash Bros & yells anytime the pretty colors over exhilarate his eyes. But i'm not as easily amused as he is.

It's almost as entertaining as a 4 player podcast.


Did microsoft fix the expanding & contracting metal issue they had with 360's yet? Cause my 360 is still crap atm unless the game is installed.

I would like to have a working system if i pay any amount of money for it. Maybe after a decade i would care less... maybe. But my 360 went downhill after only 2 weeks or so. That's wrong in so many ways, like FF13 hahaha.

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Re: I've a new hobby (maybe)

Post  Captain N on Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:56 am

Microsoft is to supposed to have fixed it but i dont think so.
the main reason why i dont do xbox is cuse they break. i expest a 360
to last past its generation.
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Re: I've a new hobby (maybe)

Post  Major.Roboto on Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:56 pm

I get fed up with the movie like games. Have sony and Microsoft not learned from the sega cd?

Look at sonys e3, all it was was realistic movie games. like wtf.

Microsoft has strange singers dancing around singing about shit

We don't need music games, We don't need this super sin killing everything bloddy shit.

To be hoenst. games are not what they were.

Its sad to say but the gaming industy is filled with hardcore FPS players who have only played fps games. They also insult games that are not even fps just because its not a fps.

well I hate fps games because why would I want to play a game where im in a war? that does not even sound like fucking fun. How is it fun?

...meh its the same thing with the movie industy and music. its all gone to shit.


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Re: I've a new hobby (maybe)

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